Posted by: Tyler Bower

Companies were feeling the shortage of skilled IT workers before the global pandemic, but now the chasm between IT positions and those qualified to fill them has grown even larger. With IT personnel increasingly difficult to find and retain, outsourcing some of your company’s IT tasks can be a smart strategy. IT outsourcing is at a five-year high, with more than one-third of companies outsourcing at least part of their network operations. Outsourcing the hosting of your Sage ERP application is a straightforward way to maximize limited IT resources, freeing your internal IT team to focus on other technology tasks. Below are six ways hosted Sage ERP helps maximize limited IT resources.

1. A Clean Division of Labor

When you hire a typical Cloud Services Provider (CSP) to outsource technology, there can sometimes be grey areas of responsibility — “Are they handling that task, or are we?”

It’s always easier to outsource a task when you can easily define and contain it. Outsourcing the hosting of Sage ERP is one of those definable tasks — you can put a box around it. As a Private Cloud Services Provider, Cloud at Work specializes in hosting Sage applications. By focusing on this one area of technology, we’ve become the most experienced provider in the nation. With Cloud at Work, you and your Sage business partner have one point of contact for everything regarding your ERP.

2. Secure and Accessible

During the pandemic, we all learned how imperative it is to access the ERP system remotely. We’ve spoken with many companies whose IT teams struggled to provide secure, reliable, and fast access to Sage ERP for their remote workers.

When you choose a Hosted ERP model like Cloud at Work’s, remote accessibility is built into the solution. And we’re not talking about that window-within-a-window access — we’re talking fast, secure, SaaS-like access to Sage ERP from wherever your teams are working.

3. Experts at the Task

By necessity, your internal IT department has to be a jack-of-all-trades. They must know enough about every aspect of your technology infrastructure to keep it running smoothly. However, most companies cannot afford (let alone find) an IT team consisting of experts in each aspect of their technology.

By outsourcing the hosting of Sage ERP to Cloud at Work, you’re engaging an entire team of Sage ERP experts and an entire team of cloud infrastructure experts all rolled into one. No one knows Sage ERP and cloud technology like Cloud at Work. No one.

4. Patches, Fixes, Support, and Training

It is time-consuming to keep your Sage ERP up to date. Someone needs to continually monitor the application, installing updates, patches, and fixes when they become available. These tasks might fall lower in the priority lists for a busy internal IT team.

An outsourced Sage ERP hosting provider like Cloud at Work can install all patches and fixes to your cloud infrastructure. In addition, our environment support services are there to help your IT team and Sage partner with new hire training, ongoing mentoring, and upgrades.

5. World-Class Security

Sage ERP is mission-critical to your company’s operations, and security is likely one of your top concerns. Yet modern IT infrastructures are complex and vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and in-house technology personnel often lack the updated skills and training to help prevent the attacks.

Outsourced ERP hosting providers like Cloud at Work host your entire production environment in a stable and secure solution with 24x7x365 monitoring and support. With 99.99% availability and hourly backup snapshots – along with disaster recovery, you can be assured that even in the event of a disaster, your data will be safe.

6. Scalability Built In

When Sage ERP is installed on your company’s local server and accessed through your local area network, you are inherently limited by the capacity of those resources. If you need more storage or faster connectivity, it will require a significant and disruptive investment.

By outsourcing Sage ERP to a provider like Cloud at Work, you no longer have to worry about the ERP’s operating environment. Our resources are (nearly) infinitely scalable, our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our capacity is continually growing. With Cloud at Work, scalability is built in.

Whether you are a small company with no in-house technology staff or a mid-sized organization with a skilled internal team, you can benefit from outsourcing the hosting of Sage ERP. Hosted ERP eliminates the burden of hosting, maintaining, and troubleshooting Sage ERP, providing easy access, robust security, vast scalability, and infinite peace of mind. Questions about hosting Sage ERP? We’ve got answers.