Posted by: Tyler Bower

When making the decision to host Sage ERP, you have two main options — hosting by a Public Cloud Services Provider (CSP) or by a Private CSP. We highlighted the differences and why private cloud is the best way to host Sage ERP in this article. But even among private clouds, you have options. You can choose a  “generalist” private CSP that simply offers an alternative to the giant public cloud providers or a “specialist” that focuses on hosting your applications. Choosing a Sage ERP hosting specialist delivers distinct advantages that others simply can’t.

1. Specialists understand Sage

Cloud-based ERP applications deployed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are designed from the ground up to be hosted remotely. For the CSP, there’s little mystery, little risk, and few surprises with SaaS. In fact, hosting a SaaS application is pretty simple for a CSP — the software publisher handles all the technical nuances required to make it “hostable.”

Your Sage ERP application is not a SaaS application, even if it’s hosted remotely. It was not designed to run natively in the cloud. To configure Sage ERP as a Hosted ERP requires knowledge and understanding of the software — attributes a “generalist” private CSP will not possess. Without this knowledge and familiarity, you risk being marooned when something stops working correctly (or never gets started working correctly). Your CSP will refer you to the software publisher or your managed services provider — both of whom may refer you right back to the CSP. It’s a consequence of layers of bureaucracy that define many hosting arrangements.

2. Eliminate the layers

You can effectively eliminate the layers and speak straight to the source with a specialist private cloud hosting provider. Cloud at Work is a private CSP specializing in hosting Sage ERP (and CRM and HRMS too). Armed with extensive knowledge and experience about Sage solutions along with unsurpassed cloud expertise, Cloud at Work serves as your single resource for all things hosted. When you have a question about your Hosted ERP, Cloud at Work can be your one call. Working with you and your Sage business partner, we will quickly troubleshoot issues with no runaround and no passing the buck.

3. No compromises

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding private cloud. One of those myths is that private cloud hosting is less secure than hosting offered by the big public cloud guys. Not all private cloud providers provide the same level of security, so you certainly need to evaluate carefully, but in general, hosting Sage ERP on a private cloud is every bit as secure as hosting on a public cloud.

Cloud at Work, for example, utilizes identical security protocols as public clouds — and in some instances, even more robust protocols. Cloud at Work’s Tier 4 (highest classification) data centers have 24 x7 x 365 support and monitoring, are geo-diverse, and deliver one to four-hour disaster recovery time objectives. You will not be compromising security (or anything else) when choosing Cloud at Work for Sage ERP hosting.

4. Increased value proposition

You may be considering hosting Sage ERP for several reasons, including support for remote work, to reduce operating expenses, to minimize IT costs and burden, and to ensure business continuity. Combined, these reasons form a strong value proposition for hosting, and one only a private cloud specialists like Cloud at Work can fully deliver.

There are hidden costs in public cloud deployments and in generalist private cloud deployments — extras that are not included. Support, backups, and remote connections are not included. Software updates, bug fixes, disaster recovery options also are not typically included. These costs will all be your responsibility — which subtracts from the overall value proposition. With a Sage specialist like Cloud at Work responsible for hosting, these critical functions are part of our offering, providing the value and ROI you expect from the cloud.

Making the decision to host your Sage ERP application is a smart move. Maximize the benefits of that decision by selecting a Sage specialist like Cloud at Work. One call. No runaround. No compromises.