Posted by: Tyler Bower

In business, agility and adaptability are essential to success. Companies must embrace solutions that enhance their operational efficiencies and ensure their long-term success — in other words, they must future-proof the business. Moving to a cloud-based business model adds the agility and adaptability necessary for that future. However, the move can seem overly onerous and impractical for businesses relying on a legacy on-premises Sage ERP application. You may simply have too much invested in your existing ERP application to consider swapping it for a newer, next-generation, cloud-based ERP. For these businesses, though, there’s a solution. A way to capture the benefits of a cloud-based application while leveraging your current ERP.

Cloud at Work, a specialized private cloud hosting provider, offers a seamless pathway for companies to bring their Sage ERP applications forward, leveraging their investments for longer-term advantage. Why should future-proofing be part of your present planning? And how does private cloud ERP hosting help future-proof your business?

Digital Transformation Is Part of Future Proofing

Future-proofing is about preparing for and mitigating future risks, and digital transformation is one of the key strategies employed in this process.

At Cloud at Work, we believe that digital transformation isn’t a finite process. Instead, it embodies continual evolution — an evolution that is essential for business success. And in the 21st century, that evolution relies on digital tools. Modern businesses must continually adopt technology tools that help future-proof their operations, remaining agile, efficient, and scalable. In short, if your business isn’t moving forward, it will be left behind.

A 2022 survey by Sage found that 87% of businesses were already using a cloud-based or hybrid solution. If you’re not part of that statistic, you may already be falling behind.

Future-Proofing Your On-Premises Sage ERP

It’s understandable why you haven’t taken the leap into the cloud. Your on-premises Sage ERP represents a significant investment. Over the years, you’ve invested heavily in building enhancements, custom reports, and integrations. And the software works — it fits your business. The thought of tossing out the investment and starting from scratch just doesn’t make sense now. Leveraging the legacy system for as long as possible just seems like the right idea.

On the other hand, the ongoing infrastructure maintenance and replacement costs are high. Downtime is frequent and disruptive. Security and compliance may be concerns. Plus, IT personnel are hard (and expensive) to find.

Cloud at Work’s private cloud hosting model was built to address this very conundrum. With Cloud at Work private cloud hosting for your Sage ERP, you can enjoy nearly all the benefits of the cloud while continuing to maximize the ROI of your existing software.

By migrating your Sage ERP applications to a private cloud environment, your business reduces the immediate costs and risks associated with on-premises infrastructure and sets the stage for a smoother transition to modern, cloud-based ERP solutions when you’re ready.

Cloud at Work also offers hosting and infrastructure management within Azure.

How a Hosted Cloud ERP Model Helps Future-Proof Your Business

  • Scalability
    Cloud platforms offer unparalleled scalability. As a business grows or experiences fluctuating demands, cloud services can be scaled up or down accordingly. This flexibility ensures that a business can adapt to market changes or growth without significant upfront investment in physical infrastructure.
  • Cost Efficiency and Reduced Downtime
    Moving to the cloud significantly cuts down on the expenses related to physical hardware and on-site IT infrastructure. This transition also minimizes the risks of system downtime, which can be costly in terms of both direct expenses and lost opportunities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Accessibility
    Cloud services facilitate better collaboration and accessibility. Data and applications can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, which is essential in today’s increasingly remote and globalized work environment. This enhances productivity and allows businesses to adapt to new ways of working.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
    With Cloud at Work, your data is protected with state-of-the-art security protocols, ensuring compliance with the latest data protection regulations and giving you peace of mind.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    Cloud-based models improve disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Data backup and recovery are typically faster and more reliable in the cloud, ensuring that a business can quickly resume operations after an unexpected event.
  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage
    The cloud offers access to the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics. These tools can drive innovation, improve decision-making, and provide a competitive edge in the market.
  • Agility and Speed
    Deploying and updating applications in the cloud can be much faster than on traditional infrastructure. This agility allows businesses to respond more rapidly to market changes, customer needs, and new opportunities.
  • Focus on Core Business
    By leveraging cloud services, your company can focus more on its core business activities than on managing IT infrastructure. This shift can increase efficiency and effectiveness in the business’s primary operations.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure
    By moving to the cloud, you’re not just solving today’s challenges but laying the groundwork for future technological advancements. A cloud environment is inherently more adaptable to new technologies and integrations, allowing your company to take advantage of innovations in the future.
  • A Steppingstone to the Next Generation
    Migrating to a private cloud hosting model can be a strategic interim step towards adopting a fully cloud-based, next-generation ERP system. The transition buys your company time to plan and move to a more modern ERP solution without disrupting current operations.

Embrace the Future

In a business environment where adaptability and technological agility are critical drivers of success, sticking with an on-premises legacy ERP system is a risk that companies can no longer afford. Migrating to a private cloud hosting solution with Cloud at Work addresses the immediate challenges of cost, security, accessibility, and scalability and also strategically positions your business for a later move to a modern, fully cloud-based ERP system. Virtual private cloud hosting is a solid step into a successful future. Speak to one of our cloud hosting experts to learn more.