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The Hybrid Work Enabler: Virtually Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

By: Tyler Bower

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. A recent McKinsey survey found that 86% of organizations expect remote work to increase (53%) or remain unchanged (33%). For companies large and small, this evolution requires investments in technologies that facilitate seamless collaboration, productivity, and security—which is where virtual desktops come into play. While the terms virtual ...

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A New ERA for ERP Why Private Cloud Hosting Is The Best Next Solution To Maximize Your Sage ERP ROI

By: Tyler Bower

A new paradigm is emerging as forward-thinking businesses consider private cloud hosting a more effective option. Your Sage ERP application plays an essential role in managing core business processes. Still, as technology advances and your business needs evolve, the traditional on-premises deployment creates roadblocks in meeting the demands of your modern organization. For example, remote ...

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